THE FRAGILE TRACE: A Contemporary take on Neo-Menswear

On 31 January, debuting Collection 03 at the Copenhagen Fashion Week. Showing a collection with a continuation of designer and founder Marie-Louise Guldbæk Andersen's previous work, where fragility is carefully presented in handmade textiles, deconstructed silhouettes, and an ongoing revolt against stereotypical and patriarchal expectations of how men should dress to be viewed as masculine. 
The third collection reflecting and commenting on being an emerging creative and a brand with limited resources. The challenges faced by MLGA is worked into the creative core of the collection. As a result, the clothes are composed mainly of the resources already at hand and constructed to be significant and distinguished, valued garments. The collection is a contemporary take on neo-menswear conveyed through a female perspective that reinstituted craftsmanship, where slowness and thoroughness were of the utmost importance. 
The menswear collection will be presented at a paired-down runway in Øksnehallen in collaboration with CIFF. MLGA's Collection 03 is a considerate blend of craftsmanship, creativity, and innovation, incorporating fragility and neo-menswear into garments, not dependent on the traditional seasons – a testament to the brand's perspective on contemporary fashion.

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